Contact Me

Email: (best contact)
Phone: 302-290-0939 (text ONLY no calls) I DO NOT answer calls from random numbers unless you are already booed.

Clients must be screened: please provide info listed below including your name, board ID/handle and your phone #

A well known provider's website link and her email address. ( I do not screen by phone so no need her #)

I do NOT accept AMP/BP referrals.

For quickest screening use and no need a reference if you are belong to one of the list below: **

** P411 ID (at least 3 okays)

** Date-Check ID

** TER white listed


If you do NOT have references or have a board handle I can screen you in other ways. 


Pre booking a MUST for a new client (1-2 days in advance)

I do NOt hang out at my studio and waiting for an appointment, soons I am done with last appt. I am gone so for same day appt. MUST be 3-4 hrs ahead.

Location will be given after confirmed appointment.

Late Arrivals CANNOT be guaranteed a full session and you are still responsible for a full rate.

Be specific: date/time and duration of session (1 line email or text like this will be ignored - "are you available today? are you busy?")





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